2017Prices of Individual Consumer Legal Services 2017

Research into the prices of individual consumer legal services, based on 1,491 telephone interviews with legal service providers, covering the conveyancing, family, and wills, trusts and probate market segments. Read more here.

2017Evaluation: ABS and investment in legal services

LSB investigation into investments activity by ABS, including a survey of ABS and interviews with a small number of investors. Read more here. 

2016Barristers’ perceptions of the public access scheme

Joint BSB and LSB commissioned research involving a survey of 400 barristers and 30 depth interviews with barristers looking at the scale and type of public access work. Read more here.

2016Evaluation: Changes in the legal services market 2006/07 – 2014/15

LSB analysis of the market outcomes associated with the delivery of the regulatory objectives. This covers the period since the LSA was passed and uses a wide range of literature and data to assess progress. Read more here.

2016Prices of Individual Consumer Legal Services 2016

Research into the prices of individual consumer legal services. Read more here.

2014Access to Justice: Learning from long term experiences in the personal injury legal services market

Independent economic investigation into changes in access to justice in the personal injury legal services market over the 1999-2013 period. Read more here.

2014Divorce data digest

A summary of available data on divorces in England and Wales, to support research activity. Read more here.

2013Evaluation: Changes in competition in different legal markets

LSB analysis using the market segmentation framework to look at how competition has been effectively promoted between 2010/2011 – 2013/2014. Read more here.

2013Summary of research findings by LSB

In-house summary of consumer and provider research. Read more here. 

2012A framework to monitor the legal services sector

Economic framework for segmenting the legal services market and monitoring change. Read more here.

2012Designing Ethics Indicators for Legal Services

Investigation into how empirical research can be used to track ethics across an increasingly diverse legal services market. Read more here.

2012Evaluation: How can we measure changes in access to justice?

Discussion paper on measuring access to justice, seeking feedback on 18 proposed indicators for understanding how it changes over time. Read the discussion paper here, and click here to read a summary presentation.

2012Market impacts of the Legal Services Act – 2012 Final Baseline Report

A baseline report that provides a  baseline of the legal services market against the LSA Regulatory Objectives at 2011/2012, before the full impacts of the Legal Services Act have been felt. This final report has been amended following feedback on the interim report. Read the final report here, and the interim report here.

2011Alternative Business Structures research review

A review of the potential impacts of ABS using a wide range of research. Read more here.

2009LDP interviews summary

A summary of small sample of in-depth interviews with organisations that had recently become Legal Disciplinary Practices or recognised bodies. Read more here.