2015Diversity data collection and transparency

A report on regulators’ progress against LSB guidance issued under section of 162 of the Legal Services Act 2007. Read more here.

2015Cost of Regulation In-depth Research

A study to establish the incremental cost of regulation in the legal sector. Read more here.

2015Views on the cost of regulation

An analysis of a survey of the regulated communities views on the cost of regulation, covering those regulated as entities and those regulated as individuals. Read more here.

2013Consumers Value of Regulation

Quantitative survey testing the contingent valuation methodology in the legal services context, to support cost benefit analysis of regulation. Read more here.

2013The Cab Rank Rule: Its Meaning and Purpose in the New Legal Services Market

Literature review considering the case for the BSB’s ‘Cab Rank Rule’. Read more here.

2013The Proportionality of Legal Services Regulation

Report summarising a review of the key areas of legal services regulation as implemented by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Bar Standards Board (BSB). Read more here.

2013Understanding Barriers to Entry, Exit and Changes to the Structure of Regulated Law Firms

An economic analysis of the regulatory barriers to entry, exit and merger in the solicitors market. Read more here.

2013Understanding Decision Making in Legal Services: Lessons from Behavioural Economics

literature review exploring the lessons from behavioural economics for legal services, from both the consumer and provider perspectives. Read more here.

2012Review of cost protections

Review of existing consumer protections in relation to solicitors charges. Read more here.

2011First-tier Complaints Handling Report

YouGov research presents feedback of legal services users who were dissatisfied with their experience. Read the full report here.

2011Quality in other regulated professions

Literature review of the current academic literature on the topic of quality in other professions. Read more here.

2011Quality in legal services: a literature review

Literature review of the current academic literature on the topic of quality in legal services. Read more here.

2011Diversity initiatives of approved regulators

LSB review of diversity initiatives used by approved regulators’ to address concerns with the diversity of the profession. Read more here.

2011Legal Education in the Global Context

Academic analysis of the legal education framework and emerging trends in countries across the world. Read more here.

2011Quality Assurance for advocates: Research Report

Literature review and analysis exploring the challenges with using quality assurance schemes. Read more here.

2011Aptitude testing and the legal profession

Academic literature review looking at the use and impact of aptitude testing. Read more here.

2011Legal services provided by ‘special bodies’

Qualitative investigation into ‘Special Bodies’ – Non-commercial organisations providing reserved legal activities to the public. Read more here.

2011Map of the legal services market

Compendium of published information in the legal services market in England & Wales presented in two parts –  Supply and Demand. Read the supply report here, read the demand report here.

2011Regulation of city law firms

Qualitative investigation into large commercial solicitors firms, the market segments they operate in, and interactions with regulation. Read more here.

2011The smaller approved regulators: a research report

An independent report into the capacity and capability of the smaller approved regulators to meet the requirements of the Legal Services Act 2007. Read more here.

2010Data Platform 2010

Individual professional membership lists and other geographical information summarised to local authority level, to enable analysis of the regulated community as a whole. Click here to download the data.

2010Economic investigation into the impacts of referral fees

Economic study looking at the evidence of the impact of referral fees on the legal services market. Read more here.

2010Survey of information held

Survey of the information held by the regulators and representative bodies in relation to the legal services market. Read more here.

2010Understanding the economic rationale for legal services regulation

Economic literature review looking at the economic rationale for regulation of legal services markets and the legal services professions, and a collection of essays responding to the report. Read more here.