Organisation Description Year
Law Centres Federation

Fundamental Legal Aid Review

there is a shortage of social welfare lawyers (page 4).

Journal of legal education

Legal Education and Training in England and Wales: Back to the Future?

covers bar report, highlighting bar concerns over lack of career prospects for would-be BME barristers (page 99).

Department for Constitutional Affairs

A market analysis of legal aided services provided by barristers

In relation to legal aid, 37% of solicitors surveys said they had been unable to secure the services of a barrister with appropriate expertise and experience on at least one occasion in the past year (page 6). However, as a percentage of total legal aid cases, this was quite small (page 7). Overall, little evidence of over-supply by barristers for this type of work (page 9). Shortages mainly occurred in family law matters (page 54). Mainly shortages of barristers at senior-junior level (page 56).

Europe Economics

Report for Bar Council – A critique of the evidence used by the LSC for its BVT proposals

LSC tender process indicated that around 20 per cent of duty solicitor schemes had vacant slots for work (page 23). Report there ISNT insufficient suppliers (overall) – but maybe there is at local level (page 23).

BMG Research / Skills for Justice

Skills in the justice sector: a survey of third sector employers 2009

One in five of organisations surveyed had vacancies for paid staff (page 3). 42% reported vacancies for volunteers (page 3). More on recruitment, especially recruitment shortfalls (page 38 – 45).

Intellectual Property Regulation Board

Percentages of trade marks and patents applied for by unrepresented applicants

Provides table of figures for unrepresented trade mark applicants dating from 2000 to 2010

Citizens Advice

Geography of advice: An overview of the challenges facing the Community Legal Service

Regional summary of gaps in service provision by specific CAB office (page 28 onwards)

Department for Constitutional Affairs

The independent review of the Community Legal Service

Report suggests coverage gaps for CLS work across the country – perhaps because of firms withdrawing from contracts (page 38). Various ideas how to address coverage issues (page 45).

Department for Constitutional Affairs

Second survey of solicitors on their use of barristers Frontier Economics

Survey summarises situations where solicitor had found it difficult to locate a barrister (page 5).

The Law Society

What will be the impact of ABS on geographic access to justice? Phase 1 Final report July 2010 Prepared for the Law Society by Oxera

Research report looking at the potential impact of ABS on geographical access -
Interviews with 15 stakeholders (existing providers and potential new entrants).
In attempting to identify areas that might be ‘thinly served’ report compares number of solicitors offices with other service outlets – bank branches, post offices, pharmacies, and GP practices. Research also looked at survey evidence including the MoJ Baseline survey and the CSJS, finding no evidence to support a hypothesis that rural areas are less well served than urban areas.
The research conducted an analysis of two specific areas finding that a small minority of consumers in these areas who were outside a five mile radius of solicitors offices, ABS impacts on more specialist areas might be more significant. Pages 16-19

Ministry of Justice

The market for “BTE” legal expenses insurance

Summarises what kinds of legal issues are covered by various kinds of BTE insurance (page 17).