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The Law Society

Trends in the solicitors

Changes in firm size and structure between 2007-2009

Legal Services Policy Institute

After Clementi – The impending legal landscape

Suggest the most vulnerable firms in the new competitive market are the smaller firms faced with changes to legal aid funding, and conveyancing.
The most likely outcome in this segment will be the consolidation of firms into larger more competitive better funded and resourced businesses. A multitude of small businesses inevitably presents a fragmented supplier base and duplicated costs. When this fragmentation and duplication is combined with a tendency to recruit more highly qualified (and therefore more expensive) people than the work may truly warrant the cost eventually becomes too high for clients’ to bear – or provides an opportunity for a better organised and more business like competitor to come along with a more attractive offering. Page 8

Sets out what a external investors will want to see before investing Page 9

The Law Society

Trends in the solicitors

Changes in firm size and structure between 2007-2009

Esben Sloth Andersen and Kristian Philipsen

The evolution of credence goods in customer markets: exchanging `pigs in pokes’ Esben Sloth Andersen and Kristian Philipsen

Considering general theory of purchase of credence goods, outlines the challenges for new entrants into credence goods market, where existing brands are well established.
When a new firm decides to establish itself in the market, probably no or only a few customers know it. In both cases the firm can invest in an expansion of its customer base. The costs of the investment are many fold. Basically, to attract new customers the firm has to offer a particularly good bargain. The investment is likely to be substantial because consumers’ reaction in customer markets cannot be expected to be quick. But it is exactly this inertia of behaviour that allows the firm to calculate its return on the investment of acquiring new customers. There might also be benefits from the change in the long-term behaviour (e.g. increased loyalty) of existing customers.
- page 8.

Byfield Consultancy

Big Bang Report: Opportunities and threats in the new legal services market Jon Robbins

Development of brand names – Quality Solicitors – page 3, page 13 & page 14 – Case study page 24
Changes to support services – for example Bar Futures page 5 & page 11
Future for the Bar offering wide ‘cradle to grave defending’ – page 10
Interest from private sector in legal aid – page 21
Expansion of targeted services – for example RJWs 4ExpertProtect, 4ExecProtect , 4 Legal, and Claims Direct services. page 18

Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Law Firms and IT

Framework for knowledge management in law firms

JP Morgan Asset Management

Professional Connections: creating opportunities between IFAs and other advisory professionals

Reports on findings of a survey of over 200 solicitors and chartered accountants. LSA – could impact the
potential professional connections market in two ways: if rst it will enable solicitors to work in the same
if rm as IFAs and/or accountants as multi-disciplinary practices. Second, greater competition may force
solicitor fi rms to look for new ways to expand their client proposition

The Law Society

Trends in the solicitors

Changes in firm size and structure between 2007-2009

Bar Council

The Future of the Bar by Nicholas Green QC, June 2010

Rule 401(b) of the Code has been relaxed so that now barristers can: conduct correspondence with an opposite party, investigate and collect evidence for use in court proceedings, take proofs of evidence in criminal proceedings, attend at a police station without the presence of a solicitor to advise a suspect or interviewee as to the handling and conduct of police interviews. Page 36
BSB has further extended the existing schemes allowing direct access work to private crime, private family and private immigration work. Page 37
ProcureCo Model – Chambers incorporate a company, owned by the members of Chambers. This will act as an agent in contracting for work with clients on behalf of a

Lawyer Locator

The Future of Small Law Firms Jeopardy or Opportunity

Large corporations are currently focussing on providing
legal services capable of a large degree of commoditisation and standardisation, including wills and probate, conveyancing and personal injury, and quite often for a fraction of the cost of a local high street law firm. For example Co-Op and Halifax launched an online

Department for Constitutional Affairs

Legal Disciplinary Practices: A Discussion of the Clementi Proposals. Jordi Blanes I Vidal Ian Jewitt Clare Leaver

Once LDPs are in place, customers will face a choice between four different classes of advocates: solicitor advocates, employed barristers and

JP Morgan Asset Management

Maximising the value of an IFA relationship

Possible areas of synergy between solicitors and IFAs – slides 10-14
Benefits for solicitors – slides 25-26

Bar Standards Board

Alternative Business Structures Mandie Lavin Director Bar Standards Board

Presentation on ABS to Barristers. Suggest 11 potential models of business in future:
Model 1