Organisation Description Year
Legal Services Policy Institute

The Legal Services Act 2007: Implications for the Bar ‘s Sources of Work – Professor Stephen Mayson

A reduction in the number of firms who refer work to the Bar. Even if the volume of referred work does not decline the concentration of referrals in a smaller number of firms will reduce the points of access to work and privilege certain relationships over others. Page 2

Legal Services Policy Institute

Civil Legal Aid: Squaring the (vicious) circle

Discussion of the likely impact of legal aid reform

Byfield Consultancy

Big Bang Report: Opportunities and threats in the new legal services marketJon Robbins

Estimate that as many as 3,000 firms could go bust – page 17

Solicitors Regulation Authority

SRA Summary of Performance Measures and Statistics – March 2011

Number of firms opening and closing in the last 12 months – Page 5


Legal Brief Part 2 – A Quiet Revolution

Overview of smaller firms potential responses to legal services reform.

Law Consultancy network

Merger activity doubles in last six months

This report of small firms suggests an increased rate of law firm mergers within sampling.

Lawyer Locator

The Future of Small Law Firms Jeopardy or Opportunity

YouGov poll of 150 sole practitioners commissioned by LawyerLocator in May 2010, 130 (87%) said they fear that the future of high street law firms is in jeopardy. Page 4