Organisation Description Year

Shopping Around – What consumers want from the new legal services market

Appendix 1 – Q2 – responses to most trusted brand – page 16

The Law Society

LSB consultation on introducing Alternative Business Structures

covers the existence of Which, Co-op and Halifax as big brand legal advisors (page 6).

Byfield Consultancy

Big Bang Report: Opportunities and threats in the new legal services market Jon Robbins

Development of brand names – Quality Solicitors – page 3, page 13 & page 14 – Case study page 24
Potential New Entrants Case studies – Co-Op, Halifax, A4e, Which, DAS pages 31-36

University of Westminster

Capital Markets: Those who can and Cannot Do the Purest Global Law Markets

Discussion on the use of accountancy firms

Fordham Law Review

Supply Chains & Porous Boundaries: The Disaggregation of Legal Services, Milton C Regan Jr & Palmer T Heenan

Importance of reputation of an organisation when consumers find it difficult to evaluate the quality of the service – page 2156

Co-Operative Society

Co-operative legal services – consultation response Jonathan Gulliford Director Co-operative Legal Services

In the consumer legal services market there are no existing household brands. As a result consumers end up playing a yellow-pages lottery to access legal help and assistance and they are very nervous about it. CLS believes that as a result of this nervousness many people who need legal advice and assistance never take it. Companies with which people already have an affinity

Citizens Advice

What clients and other groups say about advice services Simon Bottery Director of Communications

Quotes MORI poll in 2005 that found that:
Levels of awareness amongst general public of advice agencies:

Department for Constitutional Affairs

The organisational structure of legal firms; A discussion of the recommendations of the 2004 review of the regulatory framework for legal services in England and Wales – Richard A. Brealey and Julian R. Franks

RAC as potential entrant – page 18