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Solicitors Regulation Authority

Consumer research study: a survey of public attitudes towards solicitors

Many unaware of the SRA and who regulates who

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Interim research findings: consumer attitudes to the purchase of legal services GfK

Reports findings of 40 in-depth interviews. Found no awareness of legal services regulators and the regulatory system – slide 5.

“There is a high level of faith in legal services providers:

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Consumer attitudes towards the purchase of legal services

Summaries results of 40 intervies by GFK, report states that:
Consumers tend to go with a provider reccomeded by a firm, do limited research about different providers, are loyal to previous providers. – page 5
Consumers look for an established provider based on a recommendation from someone they trust, evidence that the provider is experienced in legal practice, and evidence that a provider specialises in there required areas. Confirms service standards and price assessed after purchase.
Consumers see solictor as a indication of quality, and gives them confidence they are purchasing services from a reliable provider. Assume all professionals and staff are qualified to do thier job. – Page 6
Consumers expect all legal services to be regulated, and expected levels of protection similar to existing regulation. Page 7
Consmers unclear as to what represnts good value for money – Page 8