Organisation Description Year
Association of British Insurers

ABI’s response to the Legal Services Consumer Panel Investigation into referral arrangements

ABI wants referral fees banned and claims referral fees have risen in some cases from

The Law Society

Submission to OFT in connection with its market study into home buying and selling

Discussion on referrals fees in relation to estate agents, but about whether customers understand them (page 21)

Solicitors Regulation Authority

A survey of public attitudes towards conveyancing services, conducted on behalf of: Solicitors Regulation Authority

In the conveyancing market, there is scepticism about using a solicitor recommended by an estate agent if a commission is paid for that referral (page 6).

The Law Society

More civil justice? The impact of the Woolf reforms on pre-action behaviour

Lawyers are also customers in terms of referral firms – from claims intermediatories (page 22).

Vanilla Research

Referral Arrangements Research

Referrals fees (in all industry sectors) are generally seen as acceptable (page 14). But low awareness – and indignation – that they exist in the legal sector (page 15-16). No reason why this should be the case – experiences of referral partners is mixed (page 17). Different levels of acceptance among PI claimants (page 19). Objections mainly practical – price and suitability, not conflicts or access to justice (page 20 – 22). Suggests addressed by transparency (page 25).

Bar Council

Submission by the Bar Council of England and Wales to the Legal Services Consumer Panel’s Call for Evidence on Referral Arrangements

Report refers to another report, which said that many solicitors weren’t complying with referral rules (page 6).

Moulton Hall Market Research

Referral arrangement and legal services research report

Study suggests that clients care about them (page 58).

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Regulating and Deregulating Lawyers

Summary of paper discussing referral fees in English legal market (page 6). Summary is to brief to evaluate what report may contain.

Legal Services Board

Referral fees – access to justice or road to hell?

Summary of research into referral fees – most consumers didn’t seem to know that lawyers paid them (page 7).

Association of British Insurers

MARKETING COSTS FOR PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS Evidence of market failure Report from Oxera Consulting Limited

Table showing estimates of referral fees paid in across different areas of law – page 35
“In absolute terms, referral fees paid by PI claimant solicitor firms are much higher than estimates available for other areas of legal work. For example, the referral fee for consultancy law, where the use of intermediaries is also common practice, is typically one-sixth or less than that paid by PI claimant solicitor firms (Moulton Hall Ltd 2007).” Page 36