Organisation Description Year
Youth Access

Rights to access: meeting young people’s needs for advice

Diverse need according to demographic profile of region

University of California

Utilizing GIS to Study Legal Needs Issues: An Analysis of the LSC OIG Southern California Mapping Project James W. Meeker J.D., Ph.D.

Overview of how GIS was used to map legal need in California – useful as a how to and how not to guide.

Ministry of Justice

Statistics on mortgage and landlord possession actions in the county court – first quarter 2010

Statistical report on housing transactions and repossessions.

Legal Services Research Centre

Targeting and access to justice: an introduction to legal aid reform in England & Wales – Pascoe Pleasance

Summarises challenges of trying to match demand to legal aid service provision (page 14 onwards) – suggests proxies for demand.

Legal Services Research Centre

The Experience of Money and Debt Problems in Rural Areas

Table shows the proximity of a source of debt advice from survey respondents – broken down by rural and urban (page 7). Also breaks down debt advice need by legal practice area and demographics (page 11 – 12). More demographic data on money advice needs (page 15)

Legal Services Corporation Office of Inspector General (US)

Office of Inspector General’s evaluation of legal services mapping

US study into legal services mapping discussed. No data provided – just the concept introduced.