Organisation Description Year
Legal Services Corporation Office of Inspector General (US)

Office of Inspector General’s evaluation of legal services mapping

US study into legal services mapping discussed. No data provided – just the concept introduced.

Youth Access

Rights to access: meeting young people’s needs for advice

Diverse need according to demographic profile of region

University of California

Utilizing GIS to Study Legal Needs Issues: An Analysis of the LSC OIG Southern California Mapping Project James W. Meeker J.D., Ph.D.

Overview of how GIS was used to map legal need in California – useful as a how to and how not to guide.

Ministry of Justice

Statistics on mortgage and landlord possession actions in the county court – first quarter 2010

Statistical report on housing transactions and repossessions.

Legal Services Research Centre

Targeting and access to justice: an introduction to legal aid reform in England & Wales – Pascoe Pleasance

Summarises challenges of trying to match demand to legal aid service provision (page 14 onwards) – suggests proxies for demand.

Legal Services Research Centre

The Experience of Money and Debt Problems in Rural Areas

Table shows the proximity of a source of debt advice from survey respondents – broken down by rural and urban (page 7). Also breaks down debt advice need by legal practice area and demographics (page 11 – 12). More demographic data on money advice needs (page 15)