Organisation Description Year
The Law Society

What will be the impact of ABS on geographic access to justice? Phase 1 Final report July 2010 Prepared for the Law Society by Oxera

Research report looking at the potential impact of ABS on geographical access -
Found no statistically significant differences when looking at different demographic groups and telephone internet access of legal services, though their are a number of potential concerns around older consumers abilities to use these technologies – pages 22-23

Bar Standards Board

Application for approval by the Legal Services Board Amendments to the regulatory arrangements in respect of the application of the Public Access scheme Annex 6 – Summary of Responses to the Public Access Rules Questionnaires

Bar Direct access – use of internet for searching for advice sources:
The internet seems to pay an important role in finding out about the scheme. Five responses cited research on the internet, one of them singling out the Bar Council

Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business

The legal world is flat: globalization and its effect on lawyers practicing in non-global law firms

Summarises demand for online legal services (page 4) in the US.

Solicitors Journal

Citizen power

Client satisfaction for telephone legal advice is 90% – 20% higher than face to face. And telephone is cheaper.

Epoq Legal Ltd

Epoq survey You Gov data

Data tables for the Epoq survey

Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Law Firm Clients are Drivers of Law Firm Change II Peter Gottschalk

Discusses Linklaters’ Blue Flag online risk management service (page 5). Then discusses corporate clients (in Norway) use of IT to communicate with firms (page 14). Discusses use of Lexdoor (page 17). Case history of client-law firm communications via IT on page 22 onwards. Report concludes by indicating there is no relationship between client satisfaction and the firm’s use of IT (page 30).

Legal Services Research Centre

Community legal advice centre: a survey of clients in reception

Generally, survey respondents got their advice in person, rather than over the phone (page 35).

Fordham Law Review

Supply Chains & Porous Boundaries: The Disaggregation of Legal Services, Milton C Regan Jr & Palmer T Heenan

Linklaters Blue Flag and DealBuilder, Allen & Overy Hot Docs – examples of online legal services for corporate clients – Pages 2149/50

Legal Services Board

Legal Advice for Small Businesses Qualitative Research

Minority using on line but seen as low cost definitive solutions – slide 25


Online trust and privacy: People’s attitudes and behaviour

OFCOM report from 2010 – 73% of survey had bought or sold online and 54% had paid bills online. 48% had “some” concern about entering credit card details (page 2). Discusses entering personal information (page 3). Detailed breakdown by age range (page 8) and social class. Do people trust websites? (page 10). Personal info (page 12)


Legal Advice Report

Only 6% used an internet search to find a solicitor.


Legal Brief Part 2 – A Quiet Revolution

Reports on the results of a survey commissioned by IRN from YouGov. A clear majority