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KPMG Impact of the Legal Services Act UK, Survey of Major Companies 2008

Survey of 28 clients from the corporate legal services market. Report includes a section on this – pages 17-18

Solicitors Regulation Authority

A survey of public attitudes towards solicitors conducted on behalf of the Solicitors Regulation Authority

Survey suggests 68% of public might use a supermarket to buy basic legal documents – although 69% felt they would have some level of concern about the quality of legal services provided by such organisations (page 6).


Market mechanisms in dispute resolution: the position of legal expenses insurance Prof. Dr Heico Kerkmeester

A person holding legal expenses insurance may be much more likely to initiate a legal action than an uninsured person. Moreover, the
intensity with which the policyholder will wish to pursue a claim once it has been initiated, may be much greater than the intensity a self-financing person would choose. Finally, the insured is also less inclined to monitor the billing behaviour of the lawyer employed. Page 3

Bar Standards Board

Application for approval by the Legal Services Board Amendments to the regulatory arrangements in respect of the application of the Public Access scheme Annex 6 – Summary of Responses to the Public Access Rules Questionnaires

Direct Access clients -
The types of work undertaken were:

Legal Services Research Centre

Causes of Action: Civil Law and Social JusticeThe Final Report of the First LSRC Survey of Justiciable Problems – Revised 2nd Edition

Seriousness of problem & type of adviser – pages 115-120