Organisation Description Year
National Audit Office

Citizen Redress: What citizens can do if things go wrong with public services Report by the Comptroller and Auditor General HC 21 Session 2004-2005 9 March 2005

The overall public expenditure costs of handling complaints and appeals can be assessed very roughly as
the cost per new case and our research summarised in Figures 11 and 15 suggests the following data:
- complaints cost an average of

Legal Services Research Centre

Causes of Action: Civil Law and Social JusticeThe Final Report of the First LSRC Survey of Justiciable Problems – Revised 2nd Edition

Cost of advice – pages 122- 127

European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ)

European judicial systemsEdition 2008 (data 2006):Efficiency and quality of justice

Breakdown of types of court fees across Europe – pages 52-57, stating that
high level of court fees for Austria, Germany, Poland, Turkey and UK-England and Wales can be explained because the courts are responsible for the land registers. Acquiring information from these registers or for recording modifications fees must be paid. Page 55

Routh Clarke Solicitors

Guideline rates

Brief history of Guideline Hourly rates used as a starting point for assessment of solicitors costs and how they have been set

University of Leeds

Financialization by proxy: the case of large City law firms – Daniel Muzio and James Faulconbridge

Charges (and overheads) of partners and other fee earners at very large firms compared (page 12).


What you can save with My Lawyer

Breakdown of Average High Street price, versus fixed price via My Lawyer. High street solicitor prices based on an average hourly rate of

University of the West of England and Cardiff University

Demand Induced Supply?

Breakdown of the costs of criminal legal work

Tilburg University

Legal aid, accessible courts or legal information? Three access to justice strategies compared

In the Netherlands, the average money paid to legal aid lawyers is around 1000 Euros per case – page 6. Typical cost of civil law case in the Netherland is also 1000 Euros (page 7).

European Economics

Crown Prosecution Service: the choice between in-house and self-employed advocates – a critique of the CPS’ analysis

Report summarises expenditure costs of external counsel (page 12), and compares them with the cost of CPS in-house advocates. Press release on page 19 gives additional costs breakdown per area.

Solicitors Journal

Citizen power

Cost of legal advice over the phone –

Europe Economics

Report for Bar Council – A critique of the evidence used by the LSC for its BVT proposals

Legal aid magistrates work summarised (pages 29 – 31)

The Law Society

Publicising solicitors charges

2.1 – what should and should not be included in quoted prices

Ministry of Justice

Evaluation of the victims

Cost of providing free advice after death of person was variously put at between


Guideline Hourly Rates for 2010

List of guideline hourly rates 2007-2010 split by Bands of Location, type of court, grades of fee earner, and length of hearing for counsel.

National Consumer Council

Finding the will – a report on will-writing behaviour in England and Wales

Analysis of the cost of wills

Price waterhouse Coopers

Economic value of legal aid: analysis in relation to commonwealth funded matters with a focus on family law

Costs of legal aid matters in Australia by type of matter (page 30). More costings page 33-34.

Victorian Bar

Review of fees paid by Victoria Legal Aid to barristers in criminal cases – PricewaterhouseCoopers

Australian study of criminal legal aid – real term fees paid to barristers declined substantially between 1993 – 2007 (page 2). More data on page 9 onwards. Costs compared with other parts of the criminal justice system – i.e. magistrates (page 24).

Ministry of Justice

Rates and scales in respect of defendant

Defendants costs orders guideline costs broken down by grade, function, and court:
Magistrates Court – Litigators advocacy, national and London hourly rates and Counsels fees – daily rates – Pages 2- 3
Crown Court – page 5
Very High Cost Cases – Pages 6-13
High court – Pages 13-14
Court of Appeal – Pages 16 – 18

Journal of Law and Society

Alternatives to public provision: the role of legal expenses insurance in broadening access to justice: The German experience – Matthias Killian

Average cost of LEI claim in Germany 540Euros (page 8).

Kings College London

The Work of the Family BarReport of the Week-At-A-Glance Survey 2008Debora Price PhD & Anne Laybourne MSc

Family Barristers:
Median effective hourly gross rates of pay for barristers are about

HMCPSI (Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate)

Report of the thematic review of the quality of prosecution advocacy and case presentation

Hourly costs to CPS of in-house advocates vs. cost of counsel:
the hourly cost of a crown advocate is

Ministry of Justice

Civil Court Fees Consultation 2008

In 2007/2008, the cost of running the civil and family courts in England and Wales was

Journal of Empirical Legal Studies

An Empirical Study of Class Action Settlements and Their Fee Awards Brian T. Fitzpatrick

IN A US Study on class action settlements, between 13 and 20% of settlements went to the lawyers. That compared to lawyers fees of around 33% of awards when claims were individually litigated. Breakdowns of costs on page 23-24 and 29 – 30.

Legal Services Research Centre

Legal expenses insurance: preconditions, pitfalls and challenges – experiences from the world’s largest legal expenses insurance market – Matthias Killian

In Germany, standalone before the event legal expense insurance typically cost

Oxford University

Note of the conference on litigation costs and funding, Oxford 6/7 July 2009

In PI claims, for every

Ministry of Justice

The extent and value of pro bono work provided by legal executives

Report suggests that legal exec typically charge

Bar Council


Reports on a variety of surveys conducted in the 1990′s looking at privately paid civil work.
Tables showing hourly charge out rate for solicitors by grade and by size of firm (page 2) and barristers (page 3).
For Civil work the research found that:
a barrister of less than 10 years call, both in London and outside, is significantly less expensive than either an assistant solicitor or a partner. A more experienced barrister of over 10 years call does cost less than a partner, but the difference is less pronounced. This is to be expected as senior barrister and partner may both offer a high degree of experience and specialised knowledge. Page 5

Legal Services Research Centre

Money Advice Outreach Evaluation:Cost and Effectiveness of the Outreach Pilots

Looks at the cost of delivering advice to debt outreach clients
The average cost per client seen was

University of Oxford

University of Oxford questionnaire on funding, costs and proportionality

Reports that court fees range form

The Law Society

An investigation into the membership of the Children Panel

Members of the Children’s Panel can get an uplift for legal aid work of up to 15% (page 30).

Lord Justice Jackson

Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Final Report Lord Justice Jackson

Review looking at costs of civil justice states:
Litigation is labour intensive and will always be costly – page 40
Discssion on cost and funding relationship to access to justice, and factors that drive costs in litigation- pages 40-51
Recognises key role of judges in litigation costs – judges must acquire a thorough understanding of the costs consequences of the case management directions which they give – page 45
Impacts of fee regimies on efficency – Page 47

Sets out proposal for an independant costs council, to set and review guidline hourly rates, review fixed costs and upper limites – pages 61- 64

University of Westminster

Report on costs of legal aid in other countries

NZ costs by comparison (page 14) and Canada (page 15),

Frontier Economics

A market analysis of legal aided services provided by solicitors December 2003

Shows Median private price,

Lawyer Locator

The Future of Small Law Firms Jeopardy or Opportunity

One of the biggest selling points that new organisations have over traditional high street firms is their willingness to offer fixed fees and approach law as a transparent business. The legacy of the billable hour may continue to dog traditional solicitors for some time, but those already taking a business approach and agreeing fees up front are reaping the benefits – Page 6

Legal Services Commission

Research on Ethnic Diversity amongst suppliers of Legal Aid services

Study of legal aid work from 2003/2004: (page 24) for BME firms the average cost of a police station case was

Legal Services Board

Legal Advice for Small Businesses Qualitative Research

Perceived high cost is seen as main barrier to accessing legal services – slide 36

Legal Services Research Centre

Legal aid in Australia: the need for fundamental national reform – David Neal

Survey found that income of mid career barristers in Australia doing criminal legal aid work was 60% less than average salary of other legal professionals.

Cardiff University

Litigants in person Unrepresented litigants in first instance proceedings Professor Richard Moorhead and Mark Sefton Cardiff University

The most common reason given for acting in person by respondents in Paths to Justice was that they did not think they had to be represented, the second most common reason: an inability to afford representation. Intriguingly also, some respondents had been advised to represent themselves. (Genn, 1999)
However research interviews showed that:
there was a strong consensus that few individuals were unrepresented by choice. The main reason suggested for acting in person in both family and civil cases was the cost of legal representation, coupled with ineligibility for legal aid
Pages 15-16

What the results suggest is that:

Association of British Insurers

MARKETING COSTS FOR PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS Evidence of market failure Report from Oxera Consulting Limited

Report on Personal Injury Market -
Rates charged by personal injury (PI) claimants

Jim Diamond

2009 Hourly Rate survey

Time series of hourly charge out rates broken down by solicitor segments.

Ministry of Justice

International comparison of publicly funded legal services and justice systems

Total spending of legal aid much higher in E&W than in the Netherlands, France etc (page 22). Average spending per legal aid case compared across Europe (page 29).

University of Southern California Law

Higher Demand, Lower Supply? A Comparative Assessment of the Legal Landscape for Ordinary Americans Gillian K. Hadfield

US research found that:
In 1990, total expenditures by households on legal services were $62.2 billion in 2000 dollars. At that time, the average hourly rate for lawyers in small firms (less than 20 lawyers, where we find most of the lawyers providing services to individuals) was roughly (very roughly!) $157 in 2000 dollars.

Conducting the same calculation for 2005 (total expenditures of $67.4 billion in 2000 dollars, an average hourly rate of $182 for small-firm lawyers71) yields an average of 1.3 hours per person or 3.34 hours per household, a decline of 20%.
Pages 145-146

Office of Fair Trading

Home buying and selling A Market StudyFebruary 2010

Reports on typical cost of moving home with sellers solicitors fees

The Law Society

The pro bono work of solicitors 2007

Proportion of solicitors in each firm size band pro bono working for client type – Page 26

Type of pro bono activities undertaken by size of firm – Page 27

Bar Standards Board

Perceptions of barristersResearch study conducted for the Bar Standards Board by IPSOS MORINovember 2007

Public perceptions of barristers as expensive: 85% of barristers believe the public thinks that they are well paid, and 80% of barristers think the public see them as expensive to use.