On this page you can access a library of research on the legal services market undertaken by a wide range of organisations. These reports are classified against the knowledge needs identified in the 2010-2011 Regulatory Information Review. These information sources come from a wide range of organisations and include journal articles, research reports, and survey findings, among others.  A summary of available raw data sets can be found via the research home page.

To view a list of publications relevant to particular theme, please select which category – supply or demand –  is most relevant to your area of interest from the table below. A list of themes will appear. Please select which theme is of most interest. You can only select one theme at a time. Next select which question is most relevant from the list in the table. The results will then presented below the table. A printable list of themes and questions is also available.

The results show a set of notes, quotes, or references to the sections of the report useful in answering the chosen question. These are linked to other organisations websites where the information can be found. Please let us know if any of these links are broken.

We will update this library overtime, so as to provide a continually useful information resource. We welcome submissions for published reports and information sources that would develop this resource further. Please email us with any submissions.


Help & Instructions

  1. Choose and click on a category - Supply or Demand
  2. Selecting a theme will then display questions around the theme
  3. Clicking on a question will load in all relevant sources
  4. The sources will load in a new browser tab / window.