To ensure ongoing and independent oversight of the research programme the LSB has brought together a Research Strategy Group (including independent representation) tasked with providing oversight for the research programme.

Meeting minutes

RSG – Note of Meeting – February 2017

RSG – Slide Presentation – February 2017

RSG – Note of Meeting – September 2016

RSG – Slide Presentation – September 2016

RSG – Note of Meeting – July 2015

RSG – Note of Meeting – April-2015

RSG – Slide Presentation – April 2015

RSG – Note of Meeting – March 2014

RSG – Slide Presentation – March 2014

RSG – Note of Meeting – November 2013

RSG – Slide Presentation – November 2013

RSG – Note of Meeting – March 2013

RSG – Slide Presentation – March 2013

RSG – Note of Meeting – November 2012

 Member  Job title/ Organisation
 Terry Babbs  LSB Board Member
 Steve Brooker  Head of Research and Development, Legal Services  Board
 Robert Cross  Project Manager – Research, Legal Services Board
 Chris Decker  Regulatory Policy Institute
 Nina Fletcher Head of Research, The Law Society
 Michelle Goddard  Legal Services Consumer Panel
 Oliver Jackling  Bar Standards Board
 Debrah Malpass  Solicitors Regulation Authority
 Stephen Mayson UCL Faculty of Laws
 Julie Myers  Corporate Director, Legal Services Board
 Mari Sako  Professor of Management Studies, Said Business  School
 Steven Vaughan  University of Birmingham
 Caroline Wallace  Strategy Director, Legal Services Board